Marketing/sales support for disaster prevention products

Japan excels in disaster prevention and environmental technologies, yet they’re often underappreciated in the market due to limited resources for marketing and sales. We assist such companies by providing comprehensive services like market research, audience targeting, strategy development, sales representation, and customer success design, enhancing their market presence, product promotion, and brand recognition. Join us to advance into the future.

Disaster prevention education/event planning and management

Discover Engaging Disaster Preparedness!
Our unique disaster training events blend enjoyment with learning, offering realistic, game-like scenarios for a more engaging experience. Designed for diverse groups including children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and foreigners, our interactive events provide tailored experiences to suit each participant. These entertaining yet educational sessions effectively prepare you for real-life disasters. Join us for fun-filled disaster prevention training that enhances your safety awareness.

Development and operation of disaster prevention database

Explore Our Advanced Disaster Management Database!
Our specialized database merges searchability, completeness, and practicality in disaster management technology. It offers ideal solutions for various stakeholders, including businesses and local governments. Users can easily find the best technologies, connect different solutions, and access educational content. This resource aids in market-aligned product selection, efficient decision-making, and acquiring the latest in disaster preparedness knowledge. Our aim is to make top-tier disaster prevention technology widely accessible, contributing to a safer society.