SAKIGAKE JAPAN at the JBP General Assembly: Enhancing Disaster Reduction

We are excited to share that SAKIGAKE JAPAN Corp. recently presented our initiatives at the Japan Disaster Reduction Platform (JBP) General Assembly. JBP is committed to promoting Japanese disaster reduction products and technologies both domestically and internationally, emphasizing the importance of public-private partnerships.

About the Japan Disaster Reduction Platform (JBP)

Official Website: Japan Disaster Reduction Platform

JBP is a private sector-led organization dedicated to mitigating disaster damage in Japan and worldwide. It leverages Japan’s advanced disaster prevention technologies and has around 100 member companies and organizations, each contributing diverse disaster prevention solutions. By deploying these technologies internationally, JBP supports global disaster reduction efforts and promotes sustainable social development.

Learning from the General Assembly

The Importance of Public-Private Partnerships

JBP activities see active participation from numerous public institutions, including the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. These collaborations underscore the critical role of public-private partnerships in disaster management. While traditionally dominated by infrastructure companies, recent years have seen increased participation from start-ups like ours. This shift reflects Japan’s evolving international role and the diverse needs of partner countries.

Sustainable Operational Models

In addition to hardware-based disaster management, there is growing recognition of the importance of software aspects such as sustainable operational models, service design, human resource supply, and education systems. Comprehensive disaster management solutions now need to address these software aspects to meet the multifaceted needs of partner countries effectively.

Enhancing Global Disaster Reduction Cooperation

The General Assembly highlighted Japan’s potential contributions to disaster management hubs in Southeast Asia, such as the AHA Centre in Indonesia and the stockpile base in Singapore. These discussions helped clarify the framework for Japan’s support in international disaster management and reinforced the importance of global cooperation.

AHA Centre Official Website: AHA Centre

Moving Forward with a Long-Term Perspective

We are committed to keeping abreast of these significant trends in international disaster reduction cooperation. By steadily implementing specific tasks, we aim to strengthen disaster reduction measures both in Japan and abroad. Our participation in JBP’s initiatives underscores our dedication to contributing to a more resilient and disaster-prepared global community.