Integrating Disaster Preparedness into Business Strategy: Key Takeaways from BCAO 2023

SAKIGAKE JAPAN Corp. recently took part in the Business Continuity Promotion Organisation (BCAO) Awards 2023.

About the BCAO Awards

The BCAO Awards, managed by the Business Continuity Advancement Organisation (BCAO), aim to recognize individuals and organizations for their outstanding efforts in enhancing business continuity across Japan. The awards serve to spread awareness about the importance of BC and share practical examples to improve societal resilience. The 2023 awards ceremony was held on 27 May 2024, at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Centre.

For more information about BCAO, please visit Business Continuity Advancement Organisation (BCAO).

Disaster Preparedness as a Management Issue

This year’s Business Continuity Award 2024 featured case studies of initiatives by Kitasato Research Institute, which holds a large number of valuable feeds and fungi, Hachisuka Techno in Aichi Prefecture, which has established a management collaboration system with partners to overcome the negative effects of BCP.

These were good examples of how disaster prevention can be linked to value by addressing it as a management issue, rather than as a cost.

That is to say, the key is to link disaster preparedness to business continuity management (BCM). In this way, disaster preparedness will naturally lead to the development of business priorities and specific recovery plans in the event of supply chain damage. This approach is in line with the SME Resilience Act 2019, which encourages companies to integrate resilience into their business strategy.

Corporate Resilience and Business Continuity

In recent years, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of “resilience” has expanded to include risks such as currency fluctuations and geopolitical instability. Resilience refers to the ability to recover and adapt from shocks, and it’s a term now familiar in HR for describing individuals who are capable of bouncing back from setbacks.

In summary:

  • Resilience: The ability to recover and adapt from shocks.
  • Business Continuity: Maintaining and restoring business operations during disasters.
  • Disaster Prevention: Measures to prevent and mitigate disaster impacts.

These concepts are interrelated, with resilience providing a broader framework. Considering these indicators can help broaden perspectives in disaster response planning.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Our representative has recently become a certified business continuity manager and joined the BCAO association. We are committed to using the insights gained from participating in the BCAO Awards to further enhance our business continuity strategies.